Getting in Issue “Android is not Detecting SD Card”? Here is How to Fix

You might be facing an issue that Android is not detecting SD card so that’s why you are here. Well, we have a solution to your problem. It is very common that Android phone starts to unmounting SD card and you may become frustrated as well.

This condition is very annoying as you can not read a new card and neither you can use your SD card to see your saved data. And if you want to use a new card to expand your memory in your phone then you will also face a failure to do so.

However, you don’t need to worry as I have a complete solution for you in this guide. So lets’ just start it.

Run a Bug Fixing App

There is one reason that your card is not working on your phone that it is affected by some kinds of bugs and glitches. So you need to install an error fixing app and then run a check to see if you have some bugs in your card.

Run an Anti Virus Check

Install any good antivirus app and then run a check to find out if there are some viruses that are affecting your card. You can download any good antivirus app and it will clean your phone easily.

If you found some virus, then remove them and try to use the SD card again.

Format the SD Card

Lastly, you can format your card as well. You need to format it if it is still not working. So follow the process.

  • Go to settings
  • Now go to phone settings
  • Check for factory reset
  • Now confirm factory reset

Now your phone will erase everything that you have installed in it. Now it will restart and I hope this time your SD card will work properly.


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