Facing Android is not Downloading Apps Error? Try These Solutions Then

I can understand your situation when you go to the Play Store and try to download the app and it shows you an error. Android is not downloading apps is a very common glitch that you shouldn’t worry about. 

There are some tricks that you can follow to download the apps from Play Store. You can follow my guidelines to check how to download the apps from Play Store if your phone is showing errors. 

So now check out the problems that may cause this problem with you and see if your phone works properly after following my guide.

Internet Connection May not Working

This could be the first reason that your android is not installing apps. If your internet connection is poor or even not working then you may face a  problem while downloading apps from the store.

There is not Enough Space in your Phone

This could be another reason that your Android is not downloading the apps because your internal or external phone storage probably is not enough to download the new apps. 

You need to free some space for your new apps and then try again. If you can not remove the old apps then you need to insert a memory card with higher memory and then try it again. 

This time I am pretty sure that your Android will start to download the apps.

Restore Play Store to the Previous Version

There is another reason that may interrupt your downloading. Sometimes an updated version of the play store brings some bugs and that may stop you from downloading any new app. 

So uninstall the update and try to install the older version of Play Store and then try again to download the new apps. Now you will see that your new apps are downloading properly. 

Thanks for reading this guide article on how to fix the error of Android is not downloading the apps. And I hope this guide will serve your every intent.


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