How to Fix if your Android is not Installing Apps?

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If your Android is not installing apps then you can solve the error by yourself as well. Most of the time it was just a glitch in your software and with some proper guide, you can solve it by yourself in no time. 

I still remember that in old days, I used to keep a phone which has nothing but a yellow light LCD and small typing buttons. I know you guess it. And those were the days when you don’t have any type of apps for your mobile. 

But now, with the advancement in technology, we have phones that can track locations, send millions of messages along with photos at once, make video calls, play high-class games, watch TV shows and movies, see news and weather forecast, listen to the radio and much more.

So now our smartphones have hundards of different apps for many different things. And what if these apps stop working? I know you would become frustrated. So follow this guide and solve this problem now.

There Might be No Enough Memory

The very first reason that could be is there might be no enough space to install the app. Most of the time when you try to install the new app and if your Android hasn’t enough memory then it shows the error that the app can’t be installed. 

So check if you can remove some unused apps and then try to install the new apps again.

Required Permission for Installing

Another thing is the lack of permissions to install the app. Sometimes when you try to install the app from an unknown developer, your mobile phone restricts it and it does not install the app. 

Check your Android Version

It is also possible that your mobile has an old Android version and you are trying to install the app that needs to run on a new Android version.

So check your Android OS version and try to install the app again.

I hope after using these tips, you can install your apps easily.


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