Android Phone is Not Booting, How to Fix Glitch?

What would be your reaction when you try to boot your Android phone and it won’t? If your Android phone is not booting then you may think that it is dead now, don’t you? And yes, you should be worried because if your phone is not restarting then it might be a signal that your phone is not going to work anymore. 

But don’t be sad, as there are some tips that you can follow to boot your phone successfully. You just need to do follow the simple steps and then see if your phone works or not. 

Do a Hard Factory Reset

The very first thing you can do when your Android is not booting is to do a hard reset of your phone. In hard reset, your phone will go to default settings and all extra data will be removed permanently. So it is a risk as well as you are going to lose all of your data.

For hard reset, press the volume down and power button simultaneously. And then g to factory reset setting. Now, wait for the phone to wipe out all data and starts again. If your phone gets a boot then congratulations and if your phone is still in dead status then follow the other steps. 

Make Sure There is No Pre Pressed Stuck Button

You need to make sure that there is no button that may be in press status so it is preventing the phone to restart. And you can check it by removing the body cover of your phone and then check it.

Try Safe Mode

Safe mode is a process where your phone only runs on a mini OS. So you don’t need to use any full version of OS to run a phone in safe mode. Try to boot your phone and run it on safe mode and then check if any recent update is affecting your phone to restart. Just simply uninstall the update and restart the phone. 

Finally, Go for Mobile Repair

If all the above methods are not working then you need to visit a repair lab to diagnose your phone. 


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