Best Solutions for you if your Android Phone is Not Charging

I know it is very annoying that when you plug your phone charger into your phone and it shows nothing. So what would you do? Call a repair service? Well, before you do anything, just check some things that may bring back your battery charging.

Yes, you read it right that it is not always a big techy problem that your phone not respond to charging. So you just need to measure some things to figure out the root cause for this problem.

Let’s have a look at these things so that you can bring back your phone.

Check the Charger’s Wire

First of all, you need to check the wire of your charger that is charging to your phone. You have to check that if there is a breakage in the wire or your wire is not connected to your phone accurately. 

If your wire or charging cable is okay then you need to proceed to the next examination steps.

Install Ampere App

Ampere is an Android-based app that is available to download free of cost from the Google Play Store. Go to Play Store and download the Ampere app. Then install the app and now check the status of your battery and charger.

It will show you all the things related to mobile charging like voltage of charger, the temperature of the battery, type of battery, Ampere measurements of the battery and status of the battery that if the battery is in good or bad health status. 

So you will now know that is your battery is okay or you need to replace the battery. And if your charger is giving enough power or you need to change the charger.

Examine the USB Charging Jack

Now at the end, if you are still unable to figure out the problem, then check your charging socket in the phone. You may need to repair the old socket and solder the new one.

I hope after this guide, you can solve your problem about why your android phone is not charging.


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