Secret Tricks that You Can Do with your Android Phone

If you are converting to Android for the first time then there are some secret things that you can do with your new Android phone. Most of the people are using iPhone or iOS so they are not very much familiar with Android OS and that’s the reason when they first time migrate to Android OS so they often find it hard to use.

But with these tips and tricks, if you are new or already using Android for a long time can learn new things easily. Even if you are using Android for a long time then you may still do not know about these tricks. So pay attention and find these tips.

Secret Tricks that You Can Do with your Android Phone

Split Screen – Run Multiple Apps at Once

How many times you wanted to run 2 apps at once but you failed to do it? Well, this is really not possible if you are using the Android version below the 7.0 or Nougat. 

So if your smartphone has Android 7.0 or above then you can run 2 apps at a time without closing the first one. With this trick, you can run your social media app while you are taking pics or doing some pic edits.

Send SMS with Facebook Messenger

If you are using your SMS and social media very often then you can switch to only one message sending app that will send your SMS as well as Facebook messages. 

You can use the Facebook Messenger app as your default SMS app. So next time when you type SMS, you can do it with the help of Facebook Messenger.

PIN Lock the Screen

Worry about giving your phone to your friend or family member? Well, you don’t need to worry at all. With an Android smart lock system, you can PIN lock your phone when someone else is using it. 

In this way, you can keep your phone confidential from others.

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