Best Android Educational Apps for Toddlers in 2021

We are living in the age of smartphones where you can not do anything without the help of your smartphone like if you want to hire a taxi, here is Ubber, if you want to order food, here is Foodpanda, if you want to chat with friends then you have bundles of social media platforms. So when we are doing almost everything with the help of technology then why not educate our toddlers with the help of this technology? So that’s why today I have compiled some of the best Android educational apps for toddlers in 2021. 

PBS Kids – Best Overall App for Toddlers

PBS Kids

In my review, PBS Kids is one of the best toddler apps that you can count on. If your baby is under 3 years then this amazing app will teach him/her accurately. 

In PBS Kids, toddlers can play multiple types of interesting and educational games, also, they can watch cartoons, kids’ shoes, and many kinds of animation as well. It will teach your kids about basic maths, science and technology and all other kinds of stuff. 

So, install this app today and make your kids bright and shine. It is not free as you have to subscribe to it.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – Best for Toddlers under 2 Years

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Want an app for your under 2-year toddler? Well, this app is for you then. Install this app and your kids will learn counting, alphabets, name of colors, name of shapes, and all other interesting things. 

In this app, a cute monkey will teach everything in an amazing manner. So your toddler will pick up the things very soon and easily.

ABC Mouse – Best in Budget Toddler App

ABC Mouse

Haven’t heard of ABC Mouse before? It is one of the most popular educational toddler apps that you should have on your tab or phone. This app is subscription-based and of course, you have to pay for it if you want to use it. 

In this app, your kids will experience a virtual class environment where they can learn interesting things while having fun with their friends and fellows. From laying instruments to coloring in the shapes, your kids will get educational entertainment throughout the day. 

Install the app and start teaching your kids with fun.

Busy Shapes – No Wi-Fi App

Busy Shapes

The most amazing thing about this app is that you can use the app even when you are not connected to any internet connection at all. Just open the app and start using it without having fear of internet connection lost. 

However, the fun features of this app are very less than above-mentioed apps. But yet this app is a good thing if you are running out of network. 

Final Words

So these are the best Android educational apps for toddlers in 2021 that you can install on your phone and teach your kids with fun and adventure. 

Your toddlers will love these apps and they will learn everything 2x due to amazing and interesting methods of teaching. So have fun and enjoy the happy learning. 

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