Best Apps for Android in 2021 – Review of Top Apps

Are you finding out the best apps for android? So here is the complete list of top-rated apps that you should install on your android mobile. These apps are fully tested and you can trust them as these apps are from Google Play Store, you won’t need to worry about it.

So without any ado, let’s start our review.

Facebook Messenger – Best App of 2021

Facebook Messenger

Who else would be unfamiliar with Facebook? I am pretty sure there wouldn’t be any person who is not familiar with Facebook. So if you are using Facebook and you are not using Facebook Messenger then you are missing the fun at all. 

Make new friends or chat with your old friends as well, The purpose of this app is to make it easy to call your friends, chat with them and send them cool emojis as well. 

Just install the app and have fun all day.

Snapchat – Best App for Android & iOS


Not convinced with Facebook? Well here is another best app that deals with social networks. Snapchat is the best app that you can avail of on Android and iOS. 

Just make an account on Snapchat and make unlimited friends and chat with them through your photos. Add funny and amazing status and impress your friends.

Tor Browser – Best Browser App

Tor Browser

If you are a person who likes privacy and do not want to compromise on your privacy while you are using the internet then the TOR browser is your choice. 

With the Tor browser, you can surf the web without leaving traces. Your identity won’t be expose and you can enjoy unlimited browsing and surfing without being tracked by third-party companies. 

FireFox Browser for Smartphone

FireFox Browser

Another best privacy concerned android browser that you should try is Mozilla Firefox. The interface of the browser is super clean and easy to navigate. Your personal information would not be available to third-party companies and you can enjoy unlimited fun online.

Blue Apron – Best Android Food Recipe App

Blue Apron

Love cooking? Well here is a magical app for you that will help you to make delicious recipes at home. 

If you are looking for a perfect recipe book then just install this app and make your favorite desserts, cuisine, and much more. 


So these are the best android apps that you should try before 2021. And always give us your honest feedback so we can improve our user-experience for future posts. 


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