Best Radar Detector to buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

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Do you know that with the best radar detector, you can fly your car in the air without the fear of being caught? Although over speeding is chancy, but infect, it is an adventurer as well. I am not an admirer of over speed but occasionally it becomes an urge to do so.

While we were seeking data from experts and users, we have encountered so many radar detectors and out of them, we have screened out the top 10 best for you.

So, we have the finest selected devices for you which are worth of try.

Best Buy Radar Detector Reviews 2021

  1. Escort Max 360 (Best)
  2. Escort Redline EX (Best Overall)
  3. Uniden R7 (Runner Up)
  4. Escort Passport 9500IX (Premium Choice)
  5. Whistler CR70 (Affordable)
  6. Radenso Pro M (Extreme Range & Laser Protection)
  7. Escort iX (Best Mid-Range)
  8. Valentine One
  9. Escort Passport X80
  10. Radenso XP

What really is a Radar Detector?

Do you ever want to hit the red line of your car’s speedometer? I bet you must be, and what keeps you away is obviously a threat of ticketing. So, here comes the radar detector which can save your day. However, we don’t endorse the high speeding but staying safe and while wearing your seat belt makes it less hazardous.

A radar detector is an electronic device similar to a car GPS or tracker. And the purpose of the device is to keeps you alert for police radar guns and lasers while you are driving high.

However, the radar detector is illegal in some of the countries but in America, it varies according to the state to state.

The device is compact and you need to keep it active on your dashboard or windshield. And the best feature of the device is that it automatically detects and alerts you if there are any cops ahead with radar guns.

How to choose the Best Radar Detector?

Choosing the best radar detector can be tricky. And you need to make sure that your selected radar detector must fulfil your requirements. Because of too many cheap radar detectors in the market, now it is very essential to study some of the must-have features so you can get what you pay for.

Usually, the radar detectors are not so cheap, and we care about your time and money so we have examined some of the best-rated radars out there in the market and make a list of some must-have features of a radar.

So, first, you must read the all must-have features of a good radar so you can make a good decision while you are buying the best radar detector.

Anti – False Detection – This is a very common defect of cheap radar detectors. So whenever you want to buy a new radar detector, make sure it is free from false detection.

OLED display – It is very necessary as it displays the alert of police radar guns

Voice Alert – With the feature of OLED display, it is also very mandatory that a good radar detector must have a voice alert feature.

Long Range – another must-have feature is a long-range because you don’t want a detector that alerts you only when you reached near the cops. So, long-range is an essential feature.

Laser Radar Detector – when we talk about the police radar detectors when it is not only a wave signal radar, infect your need to cover your car from laser detectors as well. So, you need a radar detector which also blocks the laser detectors.

Top 10 Best Radar Detector on the Market – 2021 Updated

So, let’s start our top picked 10 best radar detector which is currently ruling the market. And we want you to read every radar detector’s review carefully so you can make a better decision in the end.

So let’s get started!

Escort Max 360 (Best Radar Detector Choice)

If you are looking for a precise and real-time alerting radar detector, then Escort Max 360 is what you need. Although it has an updated version Max 360 C too, we suggest the Max 360 as it is still the most accurate and anti – false alert radar detector.

Besides this, the alerting antennas are located on both the rear and front side, which makes a promise of 360° protection as its name refers.

Although the device is Wi-Fi free, it’s real-time protection alerts you for red-light cameras, laser radars, speed traps, GPS technology and much more.

The device consists of super DSP (Digital Signal Processor) a microprocessor that is designed to distinguish between false and law enforcement radar band detection. So it makes it pretty sure to only get a beep when you hit a pulse of cop’s band frequency. And all other nearby false detection will be automatically ignored. 

Not only that, but the system also tends to remember all false signals so next time it cannot bother you again. However, the supreme features of Max 360 did not end here, because it also has a free smartphone app called Escort Live which is available for Android and iPhone. 

So, with the assistance of the Escort Live app, you can get the rea-time community-based alerts. You can connect the device with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth connection.

Another best part of the Escort Max 360 is that if you get ticketed first time while mounted the Max 360 on your dashboard, the Escort will pay for it, isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is.

Best Features

  • Real-Time 360° Protection
  • DSP (Microprocessor) based auto-learn technology
  • Voice Alerts
  • Rear and front based dual Antennas
  • OLED display for better alert
  • Free Community Based Smartphone App


  • Long Range Alert
  • Super Accurate detection
  • Anti-false detection
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Crystal Clear Voice Alerts


  • Manual Update System
  • No Wi-Fi

Escort Redline EX – Best Overall

Redline EX is a radar detector for those who prefer shelter on each street and road. Therefore, Redline EX has something worthy of you. Because of the extremely long detection, now you can prepare yourself long before your car hits the police speed control line. Not only that, the international radar gun detection feature is a flagship feature of the device which alerts you on unaware locations.

Besides this, it also has numerous pre-loaded locations for you, and you can either add your hot spots or you can check the pre-loaded protected locations.

And now comes the super-fast artificial intelligence (AI) of the Escort Ex which makes you an admirer of the device indeed. Similar to Max 360, the Redline EX is also operating on the DSP system. And as we mentioned the features of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) prior to this review, the precise and accurate radar protection feature is the heart of it. And it also detects the slow and high speed of the car.

So whenever your car hits the range between 50 mph to 80 mph it warns you for speeding and lessen the speed accordingly and similarly when your car gets below the 50 mph.

A super sharp OLED system is another perk of this device which makes it pretty simple to check the alerts. And it also has a free smartphone app which is super convenient and easy to operate.

Best Features

  • Alert you on Long Distance Radars
  • OLED system for more convenience
  • GPS intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to auto-detects and reflects the false detection
  • Free smartphone app for sharing and learning experiences of their community.
  • Wide coverage with pre-added locations and add your hot spots
  • Front and rear antennas for better alert


  • Super-fast response and extreme long range
  • Supreme Artificial Intelligence for better user experience
  • International Police Radar protection
  • Escort will pay your first ticket if you ticketed while using the device
  • Most precise system to eliminate false alerts
  • Compatible with Smartphones and offering a free App


  • Expensive
  • Large and Heavy
  • No alerts for over speeding Cars
  • Hard to determine the direction of police radar

Uniden R7 Radar Detector – Runner Up

Uniden R7 is one of the radars which can tell you exactly where from the cop radar signal is coming. Its dual antennas are designed to detect the direction of the coming radar signal. So now you can get to know exactly where to slow down your car.

It has a color display LED screen which shows the direction of the signal with a large arrow, so you can get to know whether the signal is coming from the front, back, or left and right direction.

Besides the direction, you will also get the signal strength of the cop’s radar so you can prepare yourself before it gets too late. Similar to the tremendous features, the installation of the device is pretty simple. It comes with suction cups and windshield mount which you can install easily in your car.

On the other hand, you will get thousands of pre-loaded locations of red light areas, speed cameras, and police radar guns. So you can avoid these locations and stay under the protective shield every time you drive your car. It is also a free updatable firmware that updates timely for a better real-time experience.

And now talks about the false detection alerts, which could offer an awful experience. So you don’t need to worry when you have mounted the Uniden R7 on your dashboard or windshield, because it can suppress the false signals. Besides, the voice alert is another feature that cannot be neglect.

So now keep driving your car deprived of any distraction since the voice alert feature is your assistant throughout your drive. And not ends here, as the voice alert is also customizable according to your driving style so you can feel free to drive.

Best Features

  • Get the direction of all incoming signals with the help of red arrows on the screen
  • Suppresses every false signal and laser alert
  • Extreme range with super sensitive radars
  • Dual antennas
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface


  • Sharp OLED multi-color display
  • Long-range alerts for speed camera and red lights
  • Voice alerts
  • Free firmware update
  • Pre added locations for red lights and speed camera
  • GPS technology for remembering the false alert for the next time


  • Pricy
  • Needs to improve laser detection feature
  • It might be detected with some of the police radar detectors

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