Chromebook Vs Windows Vs MAC, What you Should Prefer?

The holiday season is coming and if you are planning to buy the best Chromebook then this is a perfect time. There will be many offers and discounts this season. So if you are looking for Chromebook and you want to migrate from Windows to Chromebook then you can do it simply.

There are some certain benefits of using Chromebook and some cons as well if you are going to use it for other purposes. You probably are thinking about it whether you should buy Chromebook or you can just simply use Mac or Windows as you are currently using. So, in my perspective, you should carefully read this guide and then finalize this matter.

So let’s start our best Chromebook guide now.

Why do you need to Buy the Best Chromebook?

Chromebook has its own perks when it comes to simple office work and studies online. If you are a student then you should go with Chromebook so you can get all convenience that you deserve.

Also, if you are an office worker then you should carry a Chromebook for your routine works. You can send emails, make reports, manage budgets, send salaries, do a conference video call, and much more just with your fingertips. 

So this is the reason you should prefer the Chromebook over the Windows and Mac. 

Consider Windows if you are a Gamer

As a gamer, you can not go with a simple Chromebook as it is not as heavy as a Windows notebook or PC is. If you want to play some high graphics games like PUBG, COD, and many others then you should go with Windows. 

On Windows PC or laptop, you can play high-resolution games without dropping the quality of the graphics. So go with Windows if you are a pro gamer.

Go for MAC If You Are an Editor or Designer

I would suggest using a MAC book if you are dealing with video and photo editing software. If you are working on audio projects like song recording, editing, and mixing then Mac is what you should go for. 

On Mac, you can run programs like Logic audio mixing, and some high-class video editing software as well. So it is recommended to you that use Mac for this purpose.


In the final verdict, I am pretty sure that now you can make a good decision about buying a Chromebook, a Windows notebook, or a Macbook? And I am happy that I helped you to choose the right thing for you.

So let me know in the comments that what you decided. 


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