Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK 2021 [Unlimited Free Runes/Iron/Money]

Download Dragons Rise of Berk Mod APK 2021 with Full Version and Unlimited Runes. Discover the All Dragons from the movie How to Train your Dragon
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Dragons Rise of Berk Mod APK is the gameplay that is based on the animated movie “How to Train your Dragon?” so after the success of the movie, now it is the time for the gameplay which is based on that movie.

Your mission is to train a dragon and protect it from any danger. Also, you will meet numerous kinds of dragons and fantastic lands to train your dragon. The gameplay is set up in a Viking village where your duty is to protect the different kinds of dragons.

Your play character name is hiccup which is exact from the movie and toothless is your companion dragon. Although, there are currently 75 types of dragons in Rising of Berk and some of them are very famous. Like, Skullcrusher, Slimeball, Thunderdrum.

Also, there is not only a berk village in this app, however, but there are also up to 60 other places where you can go with your trained dragon. And you can make that place a part of berk and your people can also live on those islands. However, if you are a dinosaur lover then also try Jurassic World Mod Apk which is based on Jurassic World movie series.

How to Train your Dragon Rise of Berk Cheats & All Dragons

If you have watched the film How to train your dragon then you must be aware that the movie story is based on a village “Berk” and their residents “Vikings”. And the village is not suitable for dragons as Vikings have a tendency to kill them.

In this act, a Hiccup is a disabled Viking warrior who met with a toothless dragon and they become friends. Since then, Hiccup decides to not kill dragons in the future.

The movie is made in the studios of Dream Works and it was not a hot ticket seller movie in the beginning. But soon people realize the beauty of the film and it becomes a popular film.

Also, the movie is based on a novel from Cressida Cowell which has the same title as the movie has.


  • Protect and grow over 75 different dragon species
  • Find out over 400 of your favorite dragons
  • Amazing Visual and Audio Quality


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