Haylou GT1 Review – Best Budget Earbuds of 2020

The trend of using wireless earphones is increasing day by day. Whether you are working out in the gym or you are playing video games, the use of wireless Bluetooth earphones is very common and convenient as well.

Similarly, Haylou GT1 wireless Bluetooth earbuds are a great choice for people who are looking for the best in class and the best in budget earbuds in 2020. These tiny pinch size earbuds are very easy to carry as they come with a small charging case. And you can also fit these earbuds in your ear easily as it won’t even come out from the ears.

In this post, I am going to review these earbuds for you. The price of these Xiaomi Mi Airdots is very reasonable.

Battery Life and Timing

Haylou GT1 comes with a 3.5h battery life that longs lasts for 12 hours with continuous listening. And the charging case has a capacity of 350mah that can charge the earbuds up to 4 times easily. 

So compare to other cheap price earbuds, the battery life of Haylou GT1 is amazing and you can count on it. 

Sound Quality

So the second most important thing is the sound quality of Haylou GT1 that will define whether you should buy it or not. With 7.55 mm drivers, these earbuds deliver amazing and crystal clear sound quality. 

The bass of the earbuds are super fine and it won’t distort on high volume even. However, you may feel the volume is a bit low as compare to regular wired handsfree. But you can manage this issue with the help of any sound booster app. 

Overall, the sound is perfect, smooth, and crisp.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

If you are using this device with Android mobile then you may feel a delay in the audio on gaming and video streaming. But if you are using these earbuds with iOS, then you will not face any lag and delay during your gaming and video streaming. 

The range of the Bluetooth is great that you can connect it from 10 meters easily. 

Final Verdict

Haylou GT1 is a great choice for beginners who just want to buy their first Bluetooth earbud. The price is very cheap and the quality is amazing. 

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