Samsung Galaxy S20 Not Connecting to Wifi, What’s the Solution?

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Are worried about why Samsung Galaxy S20 is not connecting to Wi-Fi? Well, there is no need to worry about it at all. It is not necessary that your Galaxy phone has a problem as there could be an issue with your network and Wi-Fi router as well. So let examine the problem and then find a proper solution for it. 

If you owing to a Galaxy S20 then you might be frightened about this error because, without Wi-Fi, your smartphone is not a smartphone. And you can not use social media, upload videos and photos, make live videos on YouTube and Facebook, or anything that require an internet connection. 

So the solution to all these problems is very easy that you need to figure out the root cause and then solve it. So let’s do it.

Check your Internet Router

First of all, you need to check if there is a gitch in your internet router. It is possible that your router would be out of order and you are assuming that your Galaxy phone has a problem. But you should always check your internet router first to make sure that there is no error from the router. And then we will examine the other factors that might be involved in this issue or causing this issue.

So let’s check the router first.

  1. First of all, restart your internet router and try to connect it again
  2. If no luck then check if there is a limit of connecting devices in your browser, because if your browser has a limit of connecting devices then it is possible that you already have connected all devices and there is no space for your device
  3. If there is no limit then you need to check if there is a blocked MAC address in your router, because if you block a MaC address of a device then it will not connect to the router

If you have solved your problem by now then thanks and if you are still facing it then follow the below guide.

Do a  Hard Reset

The last thing is only to hard reset your mobile and then connect it again with the router. This time, your router would connect the mobile and you can use your Galaxy S20 with Wi-Fi

If you still have some issues then ask me in the comments. 


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