Xiaomi Air 2S (Airdots Pro 2S) Review

Xiaomi has introduced some best Airdots with great battery timing and sound quality. These Xiaomi Air 2S (Airdots Pro 2S) has almost the similar qualities that the last version of Airdots has. However, you can see the length of the stems and the earbud is a bit more comfortable to adjust in the ears.

So you can use these Air 2S for a long time even when you are working with clients or you are working out in the gym or while you are jogging. In the box, you will get a user manual, a USB type-c charging cable, and a pair of Xiaomi Air 2S earbuds. The charging case is also included that you can use to recharge your earbuds continuously. 

Just charge your case and let the case do it work. So now what I really like about these earbuds is the bass of the device. Let’s find out more features of these best Xiaomi Airdots.

Bass and Sound Quality

The in-depth bass is really amazing and you feel pretty punchy bass in your ears. Even on some high-quality songs, you actually feel air blow in your ears when you hear the bass. 

And the sound quality is also good as it is really crisp and clear. 

Bluetooth Range and Connectivity

Xiaomi Air 2S (Airdots Pro 2S) uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology so you can use these Airdots in 10 meters range without any loss of quality. So the range is pretty high as you can use n almost 32 feet region.

Is it Noise Cancelling?

Xiaomi Air 2S offers the best features like in-depth bass and crispy audio but unfortunately, it is not offering noise-canceling features which in my perception is not a good thing.

Battery Life

The battery life is good as well as you can use Airdots for at least 20 hours with one full charge. And it is enough for anyone I guess. 

Final Verdict

Despite the good sound and bass, if you are a gamer and you want to use these Airdots for your regular live gaming then these Airdots are not designed for you. Because these Airdots has a latency of .5 seconds that will surely interrupt you while you are playing games online.

But if you are fond of listening to music then you can count on this device. So try this device and let me know your experience in the comments. 

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