Privacy Policy

On this page, you can check our complete privacy policy. This includes, how we collect your data and how we use it. So check our privacy policies below.

This privacy policy is updated on 17 November 2021


Our website name is ZamZom which is all about tech and tips. You can access our website at We are providing the latest information about tech-related stuff.

Our Privacy Policies Compliance with Google & Amazon’s Guidelines

Our privacy policies are in compliance with Google and Amazon guidelines. So you can check with details what these policies are below.

  • The data that is presented on our website like media. images, videos, username, password, all articles and posts, any personal information, and emails are encrypted on safe servers. So in case if someone tries to reach out to the data, he can not understand due to the encryption of data
  • All visitors can leave their feedback and comment on our website
  • We use Cloudflare to store cookies and caches and visitor’s browsers are also capable to store cookies and caches
  • We also use Cloudflare for data transfer and therefore not responsible for data loss during transfer by Cloudflare
  • We use advertising on our website from Google like Google Adsence and from Amazon as Amazon affiliates

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