6 Best ways to protect your phone from Viruses

If you want to protect your phone with any type of software. Who can delete or damage your

phone data and software? You need to be very careful, there are very important things that we do

in our daily life but it can be very costly for our mobile data.

1: Don’t Allow the site any access while using the internet

Whenever you are using the internet you have to be sure that no unknown app or software has

been downloaded and never allow them to access your mobile Data. And some

unknown thing has been downloaded. Remove them as you can because it's very

important for you . and also please make sure you know what you are doing and what is good for


2: Don’t click on any messages on any social media.

 Do not click on any MSG that will be sent on your phone on Whats App or any other social media

so please make sure your friends are good and if they send you a MSG like you don’t know also

don’t allow them so you need to be aware of scammers and other things. Many people complain

that I got a MSG on Whats App and their phone gets hacked. So make sure that this thing won't

happen to you.

3: Don’t attach your phone with a USB or PC.

 Do not take any file from your friends through sharing it or Bluetooth because it can contain a

harmful app or other junk files that can slow down the system and can delete your data or

someone may be able to get access to your personal information because the people need your

data. Data is very important than the phone you have to take the best software for a phone that

has a good security system as well as you get the best.

4: Check the Hard drive or Memory Cards first then insert them

Check the USB or computer which is attached to these types of devices. Whenever we connect

some mobiles to USB or with our PC we are in a dangerous area. We need to make sure that

there is no harmful app there. Because these devices have a very huge amount of folders and

contain a huge amount of storage and due to that storage there must be some very harmful files

that cannot be deleted and whenever any device connect they are ready to make that the way to

enter in that phone and harm its data or software so please make sure you don’t do these types of

things with your phone and also make your PC and USB clean from the junk files.

5: Only install APP Store Apps

 If you have a large amount of data you can install a security app to protect your phone from

these types of things so you need to be very careful about these things and only install those apps

that are in-app store because it gives us the guarantee that your data will be safe and no one will

able to access your data. So it’s the best way to install an app, go to your mobile app store and

get the verified app.

6: Do Not use public networks for shopping

When you are in a public or a restaurant then we need the internet and we use their WiFi and start

using the internet but if you are doing the same don't buy anything online. Let you were

watching a video and suddenly you get the idea let's see some new Sheol and you start searching

for those and you get them but don’t buy them there at the public network because they can get

the information about your Bank or any method you have to pay to the site where you are getting

the shoes. It’s a common and very huge mistake that we do and normally people don't know

about it so please be aware of these sites of hackers.

The Best way to protect your mobile and PC is to avoid emails or MSG and install a security app

for the phone remember don’t share a type of code that have be sent to your mail or sim card or

in Whats app these are the common way of getting information.So beware from these type of