What we want to do when your phone get stolen ?

In our daily work we met with many strangers and they all re OT air friends. Some times we forget their some thing and keep it with them and when we ask they replied they donor have that thing. Like phone is a coma thing when you forget your phone and someone stole it and didn’t tell you that he have your phone and take your sims off and shut down it while than you got in serious tension Than you have too follow these steps to find your phone .

1: Donot ever let your phone loctation off

This is the best thing to safe your phone from thief . Always turn on your phone location and never turn it off . Its befits is cumbersomeness take your phone lotion will tell you where your was or where is your phone right now so when your location is on you just have to go your email where you have logging to your phone and there will be an option of manage the account go their and after that you will get the option of a surety go their and after that their ll be a option of find a lost device click there and if your location is on then you will able to find your phone if your phone is active you can’;t find your phone until he is not active when your phone will be active and connect with internet than you are able to locate the phone other  wise you have to take your phone box and than make the login of EMIR number and you have to give your information there and than you will get the mail when your phone will be active however he reset him or he erase all the data of the phone .

2: Go to Phone company and get their help .

Also you can go they phone company and tell them you have lost your phone and told them to track your phone they will check your phone box and than they will start tracking the phone however its very difficult procedure because the companies do not have enough time to check the es phone location so they will trace it but not will the right way.

3: Buy a new phone

The best way to get your phone back is to go to the police and told them you have lost your phone and they will get information about you and your phone and will start tracking the phone if some one put his sim on the ,mobile and the police will get the to the personal your phone will get back to you by the safe hands but normally people who stole phone they don’t use the phone they sell them to the other countries and you can’t go to them so the best way is when your phone lost go to the market and take a new phone it’s the simplest way that makes you happy.