All You Need To Know About Deepbrain AI’s AI STUDIOS

With the advancements in technology, social media has become an essential part of our life. Here, visual content plays a crucial role in fulfilling our marketing goals. According to famous WordStream research, digital marketers use videos to increase revenue to 49% faster than non-video users. But people are going towards AI videos because it is difficult to create videos manually.

We all know that the creation process of professional videos can be daunting, costly, and time-taking, because you will require a team of professionals, studio, equipment, and pro video editing software. You need to hire a professional team, rent the studio, purchase high-quality equipment, and purchase the ideal software. All of this incurs incredibly high costs for your business.

Hence, AI Generator is an impressive stop to cover all such needs and get the best results possible.

What Makes An AI Video Generator The Best?

AI video generators will offer you various unique features. It would help if you compared each software to select the one that serves your needs. Here, we are mentioning some factors to consider when choosing the best AI video generator:

1.     Ease of use:

AI video generators will work differently based on ease of use. Some only need a little user input to generate videos, while others are complex. If you’re new to video creation or a non-technical person, you must go for an AI video generator that’s user-friendly and good for beginners.

2.     AI Avatars:

Many AI video generators will provide you with built-in avatars to use at ease, but some also have the option to let you create or customize your avatar. If there is a requirement for a unique avatar, you should check this feature beforehand in the AI video generator.

3.     Costs:

Always go for software that offers the best value at an affordable price. Some software provides users with a free trial period. You can try them in this period to observe whether it satisfies your needs or not.

4.     Languages Support:

Do you need an AI video creator with multilingual support? If yes, you should search for software that supports your audience’s primary language and many others. Of course, the purpose is to reach a broader audience.


AI STUDIOS is one of the best AI platforms that lets you create professional videos for your marketing, sales, documentaries, presentations, YouTube, and other social media channels. These AI experts will make videos but at an affordable rate.

Let us learn about this AI Generator in detail!

1.     Video Maker:

You can use AI STUDIOS to generate a video from the script within minutes. Unlike many other video maker software, it can create long videos, making it suitable for creating engaging videos.

As far as its usage is concerned, this video platform is straightforward to use. After signing up or logging in, these are the essential things to do:

  • Type your scripts first.
  • Customize or choose an AI avatar (your presenter), design, and background.
  • Upload background music and images to make the video suit your brand voice.

That is all you need to do. Subsequently, AI STUDIOS will analyze the scripts that you write down. You will get your video ready to be downloaded within a short period after it is detected as appropriate (according to the guidelines).

All AI STUDIOS videos have AI avatars and voice narrators. Everything depends upon the input you will provide. These avatars are considered ultrarealistic virtual humans. But as they are virtual, their gestures and body language are flawless. It would be impossible for you to distinguish them from real humans.

Moreover, the narration of AI STUDIOS is also remarkable. After turning your text to speech (TTS), the avatar speaks ideally like a native speaker and accurately per the scripts provided. Hence, the audience will completely understand all the messages it conveys. Try AI STUDIOS Now!

What is AI STUDIOS offering?

1.     Supported Languages:

AI STUDIOS can generate videos in 4 languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The voice-over quality is always high-quality, no matter what language you choose.

Using these four languages in the same video is also possible. Thus, you can create a video guide for many nationals with ease.

2.     Multi-Slide Video:

It helps you merge all videos created with AI STUDIOS into a long video. You don’t need to use third-party software at all.

3.     Duplicating Video:

Suppose you make minor mistakes in your video scripts. You can solve them quickly by duplicating the video and changing the texts. Your new video will be ready in minutes, much faster than other video editing tools.

4.     AI Avatar:

You will find different AI avatars to choose one as per your preferences. The editing of avatars is also available if required. They play a significant role in targeting your audience according to your business objectives.

5.     Voice Customization:

You can replace a built-in voice with an authentic voice. After recording your voice, you can upload the file for the AI use in the video.

6.     TTS (Text to Speak):

Do you want to turn the text into speech? If yes, AI STUDIOS is offering the service. After typing the text, the software will automatically turn the words into speech. You don’t have to speak yourself or add the voice-over to your video.

7.     TTV (Text to Video):

AI STUDIOS also offers the Text to Speak function where you have to type what you want the AI Avatar to speak, and you can quickly get your video. It will help if you edit a little and the final product is ready.

8.     Background music:

We have prepared a background music selection that you can freely add as a background sound to your videos.

9.     Custom backgrounds:

You are free to upload any image or video as a background to your videos. Even if you need to customize the background, you have the option for it.

10.                         Add text, images, shapes:

The best option is to add additional text, image, or shape elements to your videos directly in Synthesia. You won’t have to face annoying switching between different tools anymore.

11.                         Corporate Training:

Now, you have the opportunity to meet the corporate training goals by personalizing videos to communicate your organization’s ethics, philosophies, practices, culture, and mandated policies across large gatherings, and move away from boring presentations!

The Bottom Line!

Deepbrain AI has raised $44 million in a Series B round, AI STUDIOS. An AI video maker lets you make professional videos from the text in over four languages without actors, cameras, or microphones. It’s ideal for small businesses in need of additional content but unable to pay to engage pros, as well as individuals who want to make movies for personal use.

It is the impressive and stable software to provide you with the best and easiest way to make your AI video in the way you were longing for. Now, what are you waiting for? Try it, and you will never regret it!