Tim Cook Says Apple Expects This Fall To Be A Down One For Sales

What does Tim Cook Expect for This Fall?

Cook believes the fall will be a down one for sales. This is due to a number of factors such as stricter taxes in several countries, economic uncertainty, and lower consumer spending on items like iPhones. Cook expects that Apple’s gross margin will decline from 38 percent in the second quarter of this year to around 36 percent during the third quarter.

The iPhone 7

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke at the Saxe Gotha Business Conference and said that this fall is likely going to be a down one for sales for the iPhone.

Cook said that the reason for this is that people are holding off on buying an iPhone because there isn’t a new model available yet. He predicts that once the new model is released, sales will rebound.

Apple has been hit with several lawsuits in recent months, which may have slowed down consumer spending. However, Cook believes that these lawsuits will have no long-term impact on Apple’s business.

Apple Watch 2

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday that he expects this fall to be a down one for sales of the Apple Watch.

Cook made the comments during an interview with Bloomberg Television, in response to a question about whether sales of the Apple Watch have been disappointing so far.

Cook said that he doesn’t see the Apple Watch as a luxury item and that users are using it for more than just notifications and tracking fitness data. He also noted that people are using the device to make phone calls and send text messages.

“I just don’t think we’ve seen nearly enough migration yet from iPhone to watch,” Cook said. “We think this is going to ramp up over time.”

Cook’s comments come as Apple has been struggling to compete with rivals such as Samsung and Huawei in the market for wearable devices. Sales of the Apple Watch fell by 27 percent in Q2 compared with last year, according to analysts at Credit Suisse.

iOS 10

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke at an event held by the University of Michigan, and during his speech, he made some predictions about the upcoming year. He said that this fall will be a down one for sales and that the company expects next year to be better.

Cook said that there are several reasons for this decline in sales. He mentioned the slowing global economy as one reason, but he also said that consumers are switching to other mobile platforms. He mentioned Android as one example of this trend, and he stated that Apple will have to fight hard to keep users on its platform.

Cook also said that Apple is trying to make its products more affordable in order to compete with other platforms. He stated that this is something that the company has been doing for a while now, and it seems to be working well.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X (Partnership with Gold or Maybe an Audclusion of a Pick and Ship Strategy For New Products)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has given an interview to Bloomberg during which he discusses the company’s expectations for this fall and how they plan to overcome any sales struggles.

In the interview, Cook says that Apple expects this fall to be a down one for sales. However, he insists that the company remains committed to its partnership with Gold – whereby customers can exchange old iPhones for a new model – and that they have not abandoned their plans to release new products in 2019.

Cook also warns against reading too much into last year’s iPhone X launch, stating that there was no one specific reason why it was so successful. He adds that the company is still “working hard on lots of new things” and that they are “excited about what’s next”.

With several high-profile announcements scheduled for this week, it will be interesting to see how Cook and Apple respond to any sales difficulties.


Apple CEO Tim Cook said this week that he expects this fall to be a down one for sales and that the company is seeing signs that there might not be a big rebound in store. While it’s always tough to predict how things will pan out, it’s clear that consumers are feeling more mindful of their spending habits – meaning they’re not necessarily rushing to spend their hard-earned money on items they don’t need. As far as Apple is concerned, this could spell trouble for the iPhone and other flagship product lines. However, Cook added that the company remains bullish about its future prospects and is actively working on new products and services which should perk up sales over time.