Health And Wellness

Health And Wellness

Health And Wellness


Health, at first let’s talk about what health and wellness mean and how it is important for every single person on earth. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental, psychological, and social well-being and the absence of any disease or infirmity.  Wellness refers to a state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Most people in our society think that health and wellness are the same terms, which is certainly not true. The primary difference between Health and Wellness is that Health is a target to be achieved and Wellness is the path towards it. Understanding the real difference between these terms is important as it can help one to set goals and build a life of life. Recently, due to a pandemic caused by Coronavirus, people have come to know that in the end, a person’s Health defines their actions. No matter how worse the 2020 pandemic was, it has taught that ‘ no amount of money has ever bought time’.

Now, let’s jump into the topic of Why is Health so important?

When a person has health education with a healthy lifestyle, the body and mind remain fresh and active. Good Health leads to improved longevity, prevention of diseases, improved physical and mental health, and productive life.  To deal with Health and wellness-related problems, the United Nations (UN) has created an Organization named as World Health Organization (WHO). It creates awareness all around the globe about how a Healthy person tackles diseases and encourages people to create a Healthy cycle of living. WHO also helps in curing deadly diseases free of cost. If we talk about India, WHO has played a major role in eradicating Polio from our country, which before was a very common disease seen in newborn babies.

Dimensions of Health and Wellness

It is stated that there are a total of 5 dimensions of Health.

1. Physical– It means perfect functioning of the body in which each organ works at its maximum capacity. It focuses on daily physical activities, a properly nutritious diet, and physical fitness. In other words, it means keeping a healthy physical body.

2. Mental– It is a state of balance between body and mind. Physical and Mental Health are somewhat interrelated. Eg. If a body is ill physically then it may affect its mental health and vice versa.

3. Social– It states how we create and maintain our behavior and relationship with other members of the society in which he lives. The basic social unit of a person is family, and relationship with family members impacts a person’s life the most. Close friends, social networks, etc are other major relationships. Bad social Health may cause demotivation and sometimes depression.

4. Spiritual– It states bringing out the inner part of ourselves to add purpose to our life. According to ancient India, performing Yoga every day has the ability to increase our spiritual Health and it is also proven by some studies that Yoga calms our spirits.  

5. Emotional– Emotional Health refers to one’s feelings, thoughts and behavior. Good Emotional Health includes the ability to control/ manage your feelings and behavior, and cope with stress and anxiety.

How can we keep our bodies Healthy?

There are many ways in which one can maintain a healthy body. But some of the best methods are doing exercises on a daily basis. Daily exercise and your home health care have proven to be very effective as it gives every part of your body a good stretch and relaxes muscles in a better way. A Healthy body also requires a proper intake of every necessary protein and nutrition. Hence, a Balanced Diet. A Balanced Diet is a diet with the proper amount of protein, nutrition, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins required for the body. The quantity in a Balanced Diet is flexible depending upon the size, weight, and height of the body. These two are the most effective ways of maintaining a Healthy body.


The final result of wellness is health. We can achieve ideal health circumstances by practicing wellness. Humans should place a priority on their overall well-being and health. We shall be able to select a healthy lifestyle once the distinction between health and wellbeing is grasped.

Despite the fact that well-being encompasses both mental and physical health, wellness is more complex than health.

It may be described as the condition of leading a positive, healthy lifestyle. An idiom that emphasizes the value of health to society is “health is riches.” People caught up in the rat race ought to stop caring about their health. The best skill one can have is health.