7 Nutritious Foods That Are High in Vitamin D

Nowadays people have come up with a busy lifestyle. It becomes hard for them to take out some time for their health. People are curious to follow the western diet and because of that sometimes choose the unhealthy food diet. It is reported that 85% of the population gets diagnosed with several diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, and tuberculosis worldwide, due to the deficiency of vitamin D food. 

Apart from this people even don’t expose themselves to sunlight due to harmful rays such as UV and don’t take sunshine which is a primary source of vitamin D.

Health benefits of taking the vitamin D

The above discussion is a going scenario in the world along with an overview of healthy nutritious meals status. Now let’s understand what Vitamin D is and what vitamin d sources are. 

As a fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D makes your bones strong and disease-free. There are some sources of vitamin d like sun rays and a few foods. Since UV rays cause skin cancer, the sun’s rays can be harmful in many ways. 

Now the followings are the benefits of taking vitamin D

Strong Bones and Teeth – Strong and healthy bones are the results of the good amount of calcium and phosphorus that retain in the bones. You can do an enormous activity with strong bones even in the late 30(s) and 40(s). It gave you a healthy and active life. You need to choose foods high in calcium and vitamin d for a healthy and active life.

Saved from cancer disease– a healthy diet indeed protects us from diseases. A study showed that people who intake vitamin d in their daily routine are less exposed to cancer disease. It helps to reduce the tumor invasiveness property which may cause cancer. Hence, we always preferred foods that contain vitamin D.

Osteoporosis – This is a disease when your bones get fragile. It may not get diagnosed easily but you gradually perceive the symptoms of it such as difficulty in getting bent, bone pain, and bone fracture. This problem is maximally reported in females after their 30(s), and sometimes they get diagnosed with mild symptoms of this due to the deficiency of vitamin d rich foods during and after the pregnancy. 

Following are the nutritious foods that are high in vitamin D

Fatty fish – There are foods high in vitamin D such as fatty fish. A study showed that it is seafood that a person needs to add to their diet (except for vegetarians). On average, it consists of a high level of vitamin D and contains 66% of the daily value. 

Eggs – Eggs are too good sources of vitamin D. It is proven that the white part of the egg contains a high level of protein and the yolk contains high vitamin D, fats, and minerals. 

Dairy product- Milk is one of the prime sources of vitamin D that can be consumed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. These are natural sources of vitamin d which helps us to lead a healthy life. 

Mushroom – mushroom is the best source of vitamin d, specifically vitamin D2 which comes under vitamin d vegetables. This is a vegetable which has a high demand in the international market too. People can add this vegetable to their food list to cope with the deficiency of vitamin D along with vitamin d fruits

Cod Liver Oil– This oil is high in vitamins A and D which helps in the good immune system and eye health. You can add this to your vitamin d foods list. You can have one tablespoon daily. 

Orange Juice– A study shows that orange juice not naturally consists of vitamin D but helps to absorb the vitamin D in the body properly hence it becomes mandatory to have a glass of orange juice to absorb all the vitamins and minerals in your body. 

Tuna Fish – This is one of the richest vitamin D food. This fish comes directly from the sea and is the one of most nutritious choices to add to your diet. It helps to strengthen your body and help in the growth of the children. Above mentioned are natural sources of vitamin D.


It is a fact that healthy eating habits can save us from numerous diseases and malfunctioning of the body. Earlier (back in the 80s and 90s) people were exposed to the good and healthiest food in the world as compared to this new generation hence to get the proper guide on nutrition and food intake you should go to the nutritious experts Here FITFEAST has come up with this idea that guides about the daily diet and educate its customer about the proper and nutritious food.